Valid Voucher Scanned

You are using an approved voucher. Please check to make sure the following terms are adhered to:

* The voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers (make sure no happy hour promotions or similar promos are applied to this bill if using the voucher - make sure customer is aware of this)

* Only one voucher per bill (Multiple vouchers cannot be used together on one table bill)

* Not exchangeable for cash or any other services (voucher cannot be swapped for it's cash value and cannot be used in the Courtyard Rooms - strictly for use in the Duke of Wellington on food or drinks ONLY)

* Only redeemable at one location (Voucher cannot be transferred to any other premises other than the location stated on the voucher - make sure the voucher given is addressed to the Duke of Wellington ONLY)

Please note that you are not authorised to cash in this voucher. Vouchers MUST be processed by James Leivers ONLY. Any vouchers redeemed incorrectly may result in deductions being made from the tip collective for that shift, and any shifts prior if the amount exceeds the tips available for that service. 

What should I do next? Now that you understand the use of this voucher, please get James to process it against the customer's bill. DO NOT TRY AND DO THIS YOURSELF.

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