So you're staying in the Courtyard Rooms...

Here's a little bit of information about your stay that you may find useful

Making a booking:

When making a booking in the Courtyard Rooms, your information is recorded in our digital booking system. This information includes your name, phone number & email address. We do not store any payment or address information. We hold this information for the time period before & during your stay with us, and your name is kept on file up to 2 years prior to your visit. You have the right to request the removal of any of your information from our system any time following your stay, but please be aware that if you request this information to be removed before your stay, management reserve the right to cancel your booking if they suspect your booking to be spam or falsely made. Your name will only be used to secure and make your booking, and will not be shared with any third parties, as well as your phone number and email address. Your phone number may be used to contact you during your stay will checking in instructions, breakfast orders etc. We are not responsible if you miss out on any of our services by providing us with an incorrect phone number. Our rooms may be bookable from multiple sources.

Checking In:

All of our rooms, regardless of booking platform, have a 3:00 pm+ check in time. You may request an earlier check in by emailing us at, but this cannot always be arranged or guaranteed. When arriving at the Duke of Wellington & the Courtyard Rooms, parking can be found to the rear of the building. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles left on site.

               - Interior Check In: Unless otherwise stated, you can collect your key internally by checking in with a member of staff at the Duke of Wellington. At the rear entrance to the Duke of Wellington, you can find a check in bell, which is to be used during your check in time in the event that the Duke of Wellington is not open. Your key will come with an Eco KeyCard. Please read the instructions on the card thoroughly before using in your room.

               Self Check In: If your room booking uses self check in, you will be given a room code via SMS message either the night before, or the morning of your stay. We use a system of key safes next to your room doors; simply enter your 4 digit code into this safe on arrival, pull down on the black switch on arrival and voila! Your key will be inside your key safe for collection. Not had an SMS? Not to worry - simply call us on 01609882464 or text CODE, as well as your surname to 07738093120. Your rooms do not require an Eco KeyCard, but don't panic! We are still helping the environment by using solar energy and biomass heating!

During Your Stay:

You are more than welcome to use our on site facilities while you are staying with us in the Courtyard Rooms. The Duke of Wellington pub is open for all customers and families - please note that we do not serve food to the public on Mondays and Tuesdays; but we will always cater for our residents if a pre-order is given for food any time before 12pm that day. You can view our menu here, and you can see more information regarding our pub, including it's opening times here.

Breakfast: Depending on your booking platform, certain breakfast options may already be included in your room price. If you aren't sure what is included in your booking, simply email us at Our breakfasts are held in the Duke of Wellington at 9:30am. We ask that you are as prompt as possible, as our pub needs to shut during the day to prepare for later services, and supplier deliveries etc. To book breakfast, either speak to our friendly bar staff - or you will receive an SMS message with instructions on booking. The breakfast prices and options are listed below:

- Continental (£5.95 per person): Text CONT to 07738093120

- Cooked Breakfast (£7.95 per person): Text COOK to 07738093120

- Child Cooked Breakfast (£5.95 for any child under 16 years of age): Text KIDS to 07738093120

- If You Do Not Require Breakfast: Text NONE to 07738093120

Please note that you must place your breakfast order before 12am on the day you require it, otherwise breakfast may not be available. Have any dietary requirements? Just let a member of staff know in advance and we will do our best to source produce that caters for you!

WiFi: All of our rooms are connected to our free WiFi network; "The Courtyard Rooms". All guests are free to use this network, and your WiFi password can be found on your welcome sheet in your room. While in the pub, or in times of poor connection, you are more than welcome to use the network, "The Duke of Wellington". Please note that due to the age and location of our buildings, we cannot guarantee a high speed connection. Please save any large downloads or video streaming for when you are at home!

Extra Requirements: If you require any extra linen or towels, or would like some extra teas or coffees, please let a member of staff know - we aren't mind readers! If there is something you would like or need - please tell us! Your rooms are not inspected or cleaned during your stay. We value guest privacy highly, and will never enter your room during your stay unless instructed to by you. If you would like your room cleaning while you are out, we can have your room cleaned and reset for a housekeeping fee of £15.

Heating & Cooling: All of our guest rooms & water is heated using a combination of oil central heating and biomass furnace heating. A lot of hard work goes into keeping your heating & water supply hot throughout the day! Your room is equipped with a heating control button, that allows you to heat your room for a chosen amount of time. This system still functions for any rooms that use a KeyCard, even if your card is not in the room. In the event your room isn't quite warm enough, simply ask a member of staff and we will source an extra heater for you. If your room is a little toasty, all rooms have windows that can open fully to let some nice country air in! Still too hot? Ask for a fan!

Toiletries: All of our rooms include Mason & Miller toiletries as standard. These include Shower Gel, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand Soap & a basic vanity kit. Should you require it, we can also supply you with a small sewing kit. Select rooms also include a shampoo dispenser that is filled before your stay in your shower. Simply ask at the bar if you have any allergies to certain cosmetic products. Forgotten your toothbrush? We keep toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss & mouthwash in the Duke of Wellington - as well as limited feminine hygiene products & deodorants. All you need to do is ask! Extra room stock is available if your room is cleaned during your stay (please see the extra requirements section). 

Evening Meals: Evening meals may be included in certain booking offers or promotions. Regardless, we do advise that you always book a table in the Duke of Wellington should you be requiring food in the evenings (for opening times please visit our homepage here) as we can find ourselves very busy unexpectedly and we never want our guests to go without a table! As mentioned in the opening section, we do not normally serve food on a Monday & a Tuesday, so please place any food orders before 12pm for a Monday/Tuesday evening, otherwise an evening meal will not be available. A copy of our main menu can be found here.

Payments & Tabs: Any food or drink in the Duke of Wellington can be placed on a room tab during your stay. Simply quote your room code to the bar staff and they will sort it for you! To find your room code if you have checked in internally, look on the front of your KeyCard wallet under your name. If you have used self check in, just quote the code you used to retrieve your key. Bar tabs can only be used during your stay, and cannot be run any time after check out. You must settle your room tab the night before check out, and any outstanding tabs will be passed on to our payment collection providers where appropriate. 

Checking Out: 

We hate to see you go! Please remember that if you wish to stay with us again - just get in touch direct! We will always look after our returning guests so please - instead of going through the middle man, just speak to us first! Our normal check out time is 10am, but any bookings with late check out can check out between 11am-12pm.

Internal Checkout: Please bring your key back to a member of staff in the Duke of Wellington. Not open? Simply post your key & KeyCard through the letterbox on the rear entrance of the Duke of Wellington & let us know you're off by texting BYE to 07738093120.

Self Checkout: If your room booking included self check in, you can check out simply by popping your key back into the keysafe next to your door, using the same room code you were given when checking in. Let us know that you are on your way by texting BYE to 07738093120. Please note that self checkout is not available for any rooms that did not include self check in. 

Not answered your question? Email us at or give us a call on 01609882464.